About Us

A Little History

Maple syrup is produced during March and early April as the trees release energy stored to develop the new leaves. Maples may be tapped for decades or even more than a century without negative impact on the health of the trees. The low percentage of sugar in the tree necessitates the sap be concentrated at a ratio of about 40 parts sap to 1 part syrup. Concentration is done carefully, until each 11 pound gallon of liquid contains 8 pounds of sugar. This high concentration of sugar gives syrup its durable properties of preservation. Each tree produces about a quart of syrup per year.

Improvements in maple syrup technology in relatively recent years have greatly increased production and quality. The work is more intensive, but one who has tasted good syrup knows it is well worth the effort.

Here at Strawberry Hill Farms in Skowhegan, Maine, we take pride in our syrup, because we know there is none better. After five or more generations of the Steeves family tapping maples continuously every year, we have plenty of the experience necessary in making good syrup. We are a family operation committed to producing a very natural delicious product. Tending the land with stewardship is the way we operate, and thereby the bounty of our renewable resource is assured for many years to come.